Daily Affirmation Cards for Moms
Gentle and beautiful affirmations to place in spots you'll see often.

Repeat the positive affirmation three times to yourself and in the midst of busy, overwhelming, stressful, tiring, times... remind yourself of the amazing job you're doing and the beautiful woman you are!

Positive affirmations are designed to reinforce self-esteem and confidence, through changing negative self-talk. These affirmations will help you feel good about yourself, and embrace all your amazing positive qualities.

Even when you're faced with a messy house, uncertain times, difficult behavior or feeling overwhelmed, you've got this!

Research suggests words & thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies:

What you say to yourself, whether you say it silently or out loud has power over what you become.

What you say to your children and others, has the power over to influence who they become and what they think of themselves.

Print these (40) positive affirmations, laminate if you can, and repeat the saying three times and watch the magic unfold within yourself!

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